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Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Diversity is Health, Contentment is Wealth

Are we in the closing chapter of the human race? Industry's stubborn insistence on 'outrunning' climate change through a combination of growth and token efficiency gains, the material clutter symptomatic of mass trauma, an epidemic of loneliness, toxic role models, creeping militarisation, the ever tighter chokehold of speculation, resource plunder and defence - these all point towards a looming global crisis.

Instead of scaling back and adaptation, we are confronted with a renaissance of Force Majeur. There is a profound need for change, but how?

All beginnings are small. Amongst the many others, here just one tiny hack: bringing people back together - through music and dance.

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Streaming Is Not Culture: Keep Music Live<

Discontent and Fear

The worldwide strategy towards climate change is -for all supposed sophistication- remarkably simple: outrun it. Raise humanity, through technological advance, to prosperity while improving efficiency - before the very effort engulfs it.

This is not working.

  • Commerce- (or better said, advertising-) driven levels of demand continue to outstrip all efficiency gains. A quick comparison of projected increases in trade vs efficiency gains leave no doubt of the scale of the problem. We are being, as the Irish are fond of saying, fecked.
  • the hurdles to employment are set ever higher, with the prospect that in many disciplines, not even a lifetime of study will pace with advances in machine intelligence. Prosperity will come - but to ever fewer people.
  • Though humans are -at least in their immediate circles- social in nature, in a wider context they can be persuaded towards the tribal and confrontational. Under the relative anonymity of the internet, the darker side of human nature has reign. In place of sufficiency, community and freedom for all, we see wealth concentration, resource hoarding, mobbing, envy, abuse, exploitation, clutter, squander and isolation.
  • With the automation of the world's finance systems and the networking of mechanisms of speculation with those of defence and resource squander, fear is transformed into a full-blown currency. It motivates ordinary people to undergo huge danger and obstacles in the search for simple stability. Yet for these very refugees, other's fears destroy all empathy.
  • A recent and one-dimensional focus on overt material prosperity, increasingly ignoring other human needs

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These leave a few with a profound sense of entitlement, and the majority with a growing sense of impotence, foreboding, and futility.

With the exception of a tiny minority, mankind seems close to abandoning all the promise of the future for short-lived present gain, and more often than not at the direct expense of others.

Gig economy, zero-hours contracts, the battlefield around a minimum (mere existence, near-starvation) income.

Moreover, complexity makes idiots of us all. We are close to losing control over the most infernal of our machines. If we as humans have barely been able to contain the accident of nuclear war, what of an automaton which can't distinguish between a weather balloon and an incoming rocket?

If all this is in profound contrast to the optimism of even a few decades ago, we have good cause for concern. Aggregated, these pressures lead to conflict, it's triggers relentlessly being networked and automated. If mankind is to avoid drifting into global war, there an urgent need for change:

  • eliminate speculation and so (especially economic) fear at every level
  • come up with ways to make employment, not the people, irrelevant: taking pressure off the environment, resources and the disenfranchised while maintaining human dignity, security and social networks.
  • for humanity to understand itself as, and to identify with, the whole - and no longer in it's parts.

These are areas in which open, social projects such as this can -together- have significant influence.

Collaborative Enablement

DIY. Doesn't Take Much #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheory
DIY. Doesn't Take Much.

All beginnings are small. Perhaps the time has come for a new class of community-managed open-source enablement platform, focussing on active empowerment, participation, community, sufficiency, zero speculation and shared, quality time.
Such a platform might conceivably take away some of the pressure to follow bankrupt role models and examples.
Music and dance help us connect with others, with undeniable impact on our wellbeing. Here lies concrete opportunity.

P2P: Person to Person

That is the premise for a new, score-driven visualisation platform aggregating interactive instrument models and theory tools into a highly-customisable, in-browser environment, ultimately supporting P2P (person-to-person) world music teaching and learning worldwide, and opening up a galaxy of comparative musicology applications.

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Global P2P (Person-to-Person) Teaching and Learning

Social and Diverse

It will address and foster grassroots musical needs: social music-making, musical community, collaboration, musical diversity and inclusion. While providing learning and teaching tools, it will support and encourage active participation in close-to-hand grass-roots events: the visual means to a musical end.

Good For The Planet

The dramatic impact of climate change and exhaust toxins on urban populations should be all the motivation we need to keep travel to an absolute minimum, yet given human nature, the only way it is realistically going to be stemmed is by rendering it superfluous. Physical access is in all respects expensive; virtual far less so.

Away from the Drip Feed

Contentment is Wealth #VisualFutureOfMusic #WorldMusicInstrumentsAndTheory
Contentment is Wealth

"Contentment is Wealth", as the Irish (again) say.

Of the many amateur session musicians met through the years, one thing they seem to have in common is an ability to relax. An instrument, a tune or two, good company, and they are quickly content.

There is something tranquil and eternal to this, which is probably why it increasingly fails to engage change-accustomed younger generations. We lose these pools of warmth and social engagement at our peril.

With time I hope this platform will help more people recover faith in their own musical abilities, in the profound value of those immediately around us, and in the power of community music and dance to transport us away from everyday fears and challenges.


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